Monday, January 30, 2017

One week down in California Arcadia Mission - I'm not counting how many to go!

I was on pins and needles all morning and into the afternoon patiently waiting for an email. The 3 hour time difference was hard. In fact, one Mom asked on the Facebook page when P-Day (Preparation Day) was. Yep, today.

I finally got an email about 4:30! Hooray!!!

So here it is with pictures and all. She didn't write anything about the pictures. I'll have words with her about that! Some, no explanation required. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

She made it, I have proof!

What a happy day yesterday was. Tender mercies all around for which I am so very thankful for. 

I joined a "Mom's and Dad's" Facebook page three weeks ago. Lots of pictures, lots of posts, lots of love. One Mom posted a picture of her daughter in a sea of Sister missionaries in the MTC with the caption, "In just a week, some of these ladies will be warming up in CA!" A few days later, a member of the Monvoria Ward said that they were getting a new Sister missionary and were super excited to meet her. Fast forward 2 days and she commented that they got Sister Sorensen. My heart jumped for joy! Until you have a missionary out and have no idea where they are at, you wouldn't understand the struggle. I mean, as a parent you know where your child is. At school, work, driving, friends house, you have SOME idea. I was thrilled that I now knew WHERE she was and not lost in the abyss in my mind.

Then there was visual verification. Be still my heart!!!! I was overjoyed to see Kenzie's smiling face. This was sent by the mission office.

Next the lovely lady from Facebook messaged me back. Oh, may blessings rain down on her. The Sister missionaries come to her house every Monday to do laundry. I got her cell phone number and she promised me a picture. I don't know if she is the Ward Mission leaders wife, or what, but she has a missionary son serving in Arkansas. If I can one day meet her.... She did text me a picture like she promised and I got it this morning (3 hour time difference!)

Sister Colson, Sister Sorensen and Sister Cluff. "Met your adorable Sister Sorensen! She is so sweet, we LOVE her NC accent... she is happy... she got to meet the bishop and Ward mission leader today... she said, 'I love you Mom'... gave her 2 hugs for you! This is her with 2 companions Sister Colson and Sister Cluff... they are amazing... she is in great hands"

Then, this morning, there were a ton of pictures posted to Facebook. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Until Monday.... 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

No email this week

Sorry folks! No email this week! She's leaving on Delta to go to LAX! Arcadia, here comes Sister Sorensen!!!

I talked to her and she was tired and filled with all kinds of emotions! She had to wake up at 3 am, get on the shuttle and called about 7:30 her time. It was a quick chat, 2 pay phones for 9 missionaries. I just wish she weren't so tired. Oh well. We talked about Christlike attributes, like love, service, charity, humility. Something for you to think about.

Sister Sorensen sends her love to each of you. Be on the look out Monday for a new email. I'm hoping to get a picture of her and her Mission President tomorrow or some time. Meanwhile, enjoy this picture I received last week, not from her, but she was tagged in a post by Emma Hart's mother. Emma was a friend from BYU-Idaho that lived across the hall. I met her when I took Kenzie out to school. What a sweet girl!

They were singing in the choir a week ago tonight. 

And I just got this picture. Don't know when it was taken but it's of Sister Sorensen and Sister Overson. They are both from North Carolina, both serving in California and both went to BYU-Idaho. Sister Overson is a cousin to one of Mackenzie's friends in our ward.

Now that Sister Sorensen is OUT in California, prayers for her safety, strength and love are appreciated by me, her mother, and her I'm sure.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pictures week 2 ~ Enjoy!

2. The whole zone on Sunday           

3. All the sisters in the zone. Of course I'm not looking.

4. Selfie of the zone

5. Left to right: Elder Spense, me, Elder Gradeless

6. Me and sister Gibb with matching buns

7. Me and Elder Ameny. He's a good foot taller than me! He left Monday for California Ventura! 

Pictures!!!! Lots of Pictures! From Week 1.... sorry!

1. Out in front of the Provo, UT temple that is by the Missionary Training Center.

2. Close up picture of above temple. Who knew a picture like this would bring a tear to this mama's eye.

3. Sister Sorensen, Sister Luke, Sister Gibb

4.  I just LOVE this picture!!!!

5.  Sister Sorensen's group of missionaries she spends the most time with, her district I think.

6.  In no particular order because I can't see their name tags and have no idea who is who, BUT.... Sister Luke, Sister Sorensen, Sister Gibb, Sister Riches, Sister Goodwin. *I think.... ;)

7.  In a class room, being taught how to be the BEST missionaries they can be!

Week 2

Got another email from Kenzie, Sister Sorensen yesterday but with sick kids and dinner that didn't go as planned, here it is.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sister Sorensen in Arcadia, California Mission

Sister Sorensen in Arcadia! Hopefully you'll enjoy her emails, my feeling and insight to having a missionary in the family.

Mackenzie is serving a church mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS, or Mormon.

We are grateful for Mackenzie's willingness to serve the Lord for 18 months in Arcadia, California.

Here is the first email!

Hey y'all! I sure do miss all y'all, but the MTC is pretty amazing. The spirit is so strong and I just can't explain it. 

I made it and settled okay. I will get into further detail on my next P-day, which will be next Thursday. I will send a pretty long one. 

Study the scriptures and pray often. Follow the spirit. Let the Lord guide you as you go through the day. :) The gospel is such a great thing and I thank y'all for teaching me. 

I cannot wait to tell you everything next week. 

Don't forget that I love you so so so so SOOOOOO much! I know that this is where I'm supposed to be though. I appreciate the thoughts and prayers! 

Sister Sorensen (woooaaahhh that's super weird)

I was super surprised when I got an email today, Thursday, January 10th. I had just finished lunch, washed the dishes and went to pick up my phone. As I sat down on the couch, I thought, "I need to check my email". I NEVER check my email during the day. What a joyful surprise! I was so glad that I had followed through with the prompting!