Tuesday, August 15, 2017

0 to Hero

Hey y'all! 

I won't lie, it's been a pretty tough week. But everything picked up right at the end of the week! 

I don't have a lot to say about our investigators because a lot of our appointments fell through, but this upcoming week is looking up! 

We recently did what's called a District Blitz. It's where 4 other sets of missionaries came to the Sunland area and we gave them a list of people to go by. It went SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! We ended up getting 2 new investigators and an update on people we haven't seen in a while. We also had 8 people at church on Sunday! Our spirits went from so discouraged to super excited. Opposition in all things! 

Craziest thing from this week is that one of our investigators has the craziest dog EVER! It gets out of the fence a lot. Well, Wednesday we had dinner dropped off. So we're just chilling in our car before our lesson. We see her dog in the distance and ALL OF A SUDDEN IT STARTS JUMPING AND SCRATCHING THE CAR! After it walked away from our car we drove off and IT CHASED OUR CAR DOWN THE STREET! I literally had a mini heart attack.... 

Besides that crazy story, not much is happening here! 

I have a testimony of the Savior and His role in our lives. He is at the head of this church and He is constantly directing our paths! His hand is in all things and He cares about the little details of our life. As we continue to pray, read our scriptures, and go to church, we will be able to come closer to Him and better recognize Him. 

I love y'all and I'm so happy to be a missionary. Time is flying by! 

Sister Sorensen 

We have fig trees in our back yard! They're pretty good! 
Goldfish statue thing in a trailer park. 
The view in Sylmar! 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Church Tours and Hospitals

Hey y'all! 

Its been another crazy week for sure! 

Mike and Debbie were able to have a little church tour, which was so awesome! They feel more comfortable coming now, which is such a blessing! 

We had to drop Elaine :( when they don't fully feel the spirit, it's hard to teach. 

Vency is doing well. We've kept pretty good contact, but she wasn't able to meet as much as we wanted. 

Dennis is another investigator/part member family. He can't get baptized until his girlfriend/person he's kinda engaged to gets a divorce. All of that is going well and they're progressing in the gospel and with all the other logistics. 

We did some fun stuff this week for members. During weekly planning (Friday we sit down for 3 hours and plan our lessons for the upcoming week and some other things), we baked some goodies for members of the ward. We heart attacked the Olivia's and left some baked goods. We also delivered some goods to Darlene because she came to a lesson with us. It was a lot of fun! 

So, the hospital. Thursday night after I was done praying, I wanted to put my hair up cause it's pretty hot. Well, I'm on the top bunk and the lights were out. I miss judged how close the ceiling was and smacked my head pretty hard. I'm pretty sure I blacked out, but only for a second. After almost 30ish seconds I was able to respond to my companion. Somehow I also made my jaw go out of place. But we just went back to bed. By Saturday night, my head was still hurting, so I decided to text the mission presidents wife and tell her what happened. Right as we're falling asleep the mission nurse calls me and says I need to go to the emergency room ASAP. Now, missionaries are supposed to be in bed and asleep by 10:30. It was so weird being out past 11. Long story short, I'm okay. No concussion. Worst case, it was a super minor one. But it was an interesting adventure. 

I love this gospel. I love watching it work within people and help them change their lives. It changes my life. I'm so grateful to have amazing parents who taught me about the Savior. I'm so grateful for all the youth leaders who have helped me learn and grow. 

Love y'all! Keep being awesome! 
Sister Sorensen 

Some pics before we went heart attacking! 
Deer going up the mountain! 
My hospital bracelet! 

OK, story time! So 21 years ago, almost to the DAY, I went to the ER for head trauma. Kenzie remembered this picture and made the same pose. SOOOooooo.... who wore the hospital bracelet better???

I was voicing my concern for all her injuries after only 7 months and she replied this to me, 

"Lol I'm sorry my injuries made you frustrated. Not going to lie, I'm pretty frustrated with how many injuries I've had. But I'm always reminded of this talk by Elder Holland to mission presidents. 

Missions are not easy because salvation was NEVER easy! It wasn't easy for Him, it's not easy for Investigators, so little wonder why missionaries have it hard. We are representatives of Jesus Christ and we stand shoulder to shoulder with Him. So that means we must go through trials! I don't know why I have been in so much freaking pain for the past 7 months, but I KNOW my loving Heavenly Father knows me and understands me. Jesus is weeping alongside you and I! He knows more than anyone. Alma 7:11-13 is an amazing reminder. 

LOL I'm so glad you caught on to my hospital bracelet picture! I meant to mention that. The next day I was like, "I have to recreate this picture!" like mother like daughter. Except, yours was worse."

I don't know if mine was worse or note, but I can chuckle a little bit.

I'm praying that she'll have NO MORE INJURIES!!!!! Say a prayer too!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"God Keeps Ya Busy!"

Hey y'all! Sorry this is a day late. I forgot to mention that zone conference was yesterday, so our P-day got pushed back.

This week has been good. It's a struggle getting people to church, but we're working on it! We've had a lot of set appointments. The work is great here! 

Vency...where do I begin. She's really impressed with us and our dedication to our missions. She always says the Lord keeps ya busy so the devil won't get ya! She has a point! We read the Book of Mormon with her and she enjoyed it! She got more out of it than normal. 

Mike and Debbie are doing well! We did more service for them. They have a pool that's empty, so we decided to take pictures it in! As missionaries, we're not allowed to swim. So we thought it was pretty awesome that we got to go in a pool ;) their lesson was pretty good. Everyone is taught in a different way and needs different things. 

Elaine is doing well. Hopefully she'll be able to be baptized some day! 

Lilia is doing well too. We need to really dive into the lessons with her. 

SHOUT OUT TO THE OLIVA FAMILY! They're so stinking sweet! We went over to their house for dinner on Thursday and we were talking about how Sis. Bullock and I are trying to eat healthier (cause the pounds come on a mission!) and that we love fruit. Sis. Oliva works near a farmers market thing and offered to get us some fruit. After some protesting, we decided to let her do it. We requested only a couple of items. 

Saturday afternoon we get a call from her and she said to come over and pick up our food. THIS FAMILY BOUGHT US A WEEK OR MORE WORTH OF FOOD! Y'all! That was such a blessing! Members arent required to do that by any means. Seriously, that made our whole week. We were in tears. Blessings are there! 

I love this gospel and I know that the Lord has a plan for us. Getting to know our new mission president has truly showed me that God knows the people He is calling. President Wells and his wife are perfect for the California Arcadia mission! Zone conference was amazing and has a great focus on how missionaries use the Holy Ghost. 

Love y'all! Thanks for the emails and support! Keep studying the scriptures and praying! 

Sister Sorensen 

(We did a district activity at Forest Lawn. It has amazing Christian paintings and stain glass windows. SO COOL!) 
The empty pool! 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Week of Firsts

Hey y'all! 
This week has been totally crazy! I love it! It makes life interesting. 

We've picked up a few former investigators. Vency is an older woman who loves Jesus and reads about different religions. She's a sassy southern woman, so I feel right at home! Every time we leave, she says, "be careful. The devil is out playin' tonight!" so cute. 

Elaine is so sweet! We're not exactly sure where to go with her, but she's interested in baptism! 

We have to drop Johnny 😭 He's been avoiding us, but we know we were supposed to meet him! Kenneth is another man who lives in his complex thing. He's always asking us questions and said he's been reading the Book of Mormon! 

Jason is another former who's had all the lessons! He's super cool and he has the cutest baby! Missionaries aren't allowed to hold children and that's a very hard rule! 

Mike and Debbie are Formers too and we are cleaning their yard. In California, fires are a huge issue, so any dead stuff has gotta go! They expressed interest in us teaching them, so we'll see how that goes! 

We've been teaching recent converts Gabriel and Dillon. They're both 8 years old. They grew up together, so they're basically brothers. Dillon's sister, Nikki, is 5 and reminds me so much of my youngest sister Emily! We're also teaching Gabriel's dad, Andrew who's coming back to church. 

So, my week of firsts list:
-Met a man who actually believes the world is flat....he said the Bible says so. He also called us "damned souls and Christ rejects us" because we're Mormon and we believe in faith and works. He said our service as missionaries is an abomination to God. Now I understand why we need our own testimonies! He's still a Child of God, so I listened. However, I can't deny my spiritual experiences. Just, bless his heart ;) 
-2 people from the same house answered the door NAKED! Y'ALL! I thought that was a joke! It actually happens on the mission! 
-Coco's is a well known restaurant here and I had their pie for the first time. So good! 
-Saw a Tofu BBQ place... No. 
-Sis. Bullock and I saw the laziest person. They got in their car, backed up to the mail box, got the mail, and pulled back in. We laughed so hard. 
-Contacted an Armenian. Anyone who knows the culture knows its kinda hard to do.
-I'm now a proud owner of a homemade Quillow. It's a quilt and a pillow all in one. Sister Truter made it for me! 

Update on my ankle, we went to the doctor today and I'm doing SO MUCH BETTER! #BLESSED! Took long enough, but I'm so happy to finally be able to walk like a normal human! 

I know that Jesus Christ is real and so is His atonement for us! I know that as we add Him into our lives, we can become more. We can become better people. We are not expected to go through hard times alone. Christ truly is a gift to the world. 

Love y'all! And hope you have a great week! 
Sister Sorensen 
1. The traditional doctors picture
2. My cute little quillow! I love it so much! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Land of So Much Sun

Hey y'all! 
This week has been so awesome! I'm so happy to be here in Sunland! 

We've had so many teaching appointments! It's so wonderful. I've never loved so many people so much! 

Hernan is the only person on date right now, but he's having a hard time. So, hopefully we can lift his spirits again. 

Gio and Emilio are referrals from the elders last transfer, but they were out of town. They're teenagers and they're so sweet. 

Johnny is a new investigator that we met street contacting! We had a mini lesson on the Restoration and we hope to meet with him again soon!

We're working with other former investigators, but we're still working on meeting with them more often. 

I think the funniest thing that has happened is just little moments with the member we live with. Her name is Sister Trutter and she's from South Africa! She says the funniest things and keeps us laughing! Recently she wore a shirt that said something to the effect of "Let me stop everything I'm doing to fix your problem." I laughed and she was like "does this offend you or something?" I said no, that I found it humorous. She says, "good girl." oh good old Sister Trutter. 

I'd like to bear my testimony of the Plan of Salvation. 4 years ago I lost my grandpa suddenly. It was hard, but through the knowledge of the Plan of salvation, my family was able to endure. We miss him terribly. But I know that we will see him again. Death has no strings. All of us can see and live with our families again as we follow Jesus Christ. 

This gospel brings me so much happiness. I don't know where I'd be without it. Thanks y'all for the support, emails, and prayers! It means a so much. 

Have a great week! 
Sister Sorensen 

Sorry I don't have any pictures this week! It's been a little hectic with transfers and trying to learn the area. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Transfers, becoming a Dad, and Heat

Hey y'all! 
Transfers are today and I'm now in Sunland! My new companion is Sis. Bullock. I will miss Monrovia and Sis. Briscoe, but I'm excited to work in a new area! 

So, in the mission, the person who trains you is your "mom" (if you're a Sister). The companion after your training is called your "dad." Sis. Bullock just finished training, so I'm her Dad! 

This past week was pretty good. The 4th was my 6 month mark! All the fireworks were for me, right? ;) Anyway, that was was a little rough in the finding department, but that's okay. We had to be in by 7. Then it got crazy.... 

So we're sitting in our yard, trying to see fireworks with our front neighbor, Lynn. All of a sudden, our next door neighbors SHOOT OFF SOMETHING AND THIS BRIGHT LIGHT GOES IN OUR FRONT YARD! Okay.... Then we see fireworks going off and hitting our house! Okay, y'all... They're illegal in Monrovia for a good reason! Our houses are so close, I could shake a hand through the window. It ain't like NC... And the crazy thing is, the next town over (Duarte) allows fireworks! Oh my Lanta y'all.... It was crazy. We may or may not have heard a gun shot. Soooooo, that was a fun adventure! Luckily, we were safe :) 

We started our Bible study again and this time it went better! Rudy and Thelma came with a recent convert, Mario. We are so excited! 

I had Carne Assada for the first time on Saturday! I highly recommend it! 

Its starting to get hot now! RIP to all the missionaries on bikes..... 

I have a testimony that Christ Church is on the Earth today! I know that Joseph Smith was truly a Prophet and he really did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and the keystone to our religion. 

Love y'all! Have a great week! 
Sister Sorensen 

1. Meeting the new president! 

2. Temp. On Saturday!


3. Fairy house! Everyone needs the gospel, right!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Miracles, Mission President, and Mounds of clothes

Hey y'all! 
Its been a strange yet awesome week for sure! 

We have seen miracles this week! Pam and Steph had an awesome lesson and they learned a lot! We baked a cake and tied it into the Plan of Salvation. Like, the cake mix is our spirits in the spirit world, the bowl is earth. The eggs, oil, and water represented the gospel of Jesus Christ. The oven is physical death. Frosting is the Kingdoms of Glory. They gave wonderful answers and we were able to give it to their aunt. It was her birthday that day! They even came to church yesterday! 

Another miracle is that Alicia's son, Erik, came to church and stayed all 3 hours! He's not a fan of how long it is, which I don't blame him. Hopefully we can start teaching him soon! 

Miracle number 3 is John Napotnik's wife had their baby! We won't be able to see them for a little bit, but we're so excited for them! 

Miracle 4- We thought Jim had passed away this Thursday! We knocked and knocked on the door and we didn't hear anything. We decided to go to a recent converts house and come back. When we got there, he told us he was taking a nap! 

Miracle 5- a woman who we did service for a little bit ago asked us to come over so she could thank us again. She's had a lot of trails and she was able to talk with us about Jesus Christ. We prayed with her and she asked us to come back! I know that when we are "in the service of [our] fellow beings, [we] are in the service of [our] God." 

Miracle 6- Micheal had us over for dinner and his kids are opening up so much more! 

We get to officially meet the new mission president this Friday! He seems super awesome though! 

The mounds of clothes came from a local boutique called Honey and Lace! It's very similar to Lulu Roe. They brought in bags full of clothing to the thrift store that had something wrong with it (like a tiny hole or the seam had a string hanging off). We got a whole bunch of new cloths with barely anything wrong with it! Most of their stuff is missionary approved because it's owned by a LDS woman! 

Quick funny story, it's been reaallllyyyyyy hot. Like over 100 sometimes. Sis. Briscoe was licking some ice to try and cool off. Well, her tongue got stuck and part of her tongue ripped off.... She's fine now. But it was pretty funny! (she's allowed me to tell this story) 

I know that diligence, faith, and hope bring miracles. I've recently heard the phrase, "Pray like it's all up to Him, work like it's all up to you." I know that to be true, especially this week. 

Love y'all! Sorry this email is longer this week :P
Sister Sorensen 

1. Sis Briscoe and I in matching dresses



4. Sis Briscoe taking a picture of me yesterday in my new dress

5. We <3 Sopas ft. Our new clothes