Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Its been a pretty great week!

Hey y'all!

Its been a pretty great week! 

TINA GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!! It was so awesome! She's so adorable and the ward was so great! It's been a long time coming and it was a great day! 

We saw some cool miracles. We're trying to help our ward with visiting members that don't come a lot. There was one man who seemed pretty cool, so we stopped by and had a great visit with him. We told members that we were going to visit him again and they were shocked! He's starting to open up more and he said he might come to church!

Steve is doing good. We've been trying to get a hold of him and one day, BOOM! We were walking down the street and he was on the other side, yelling for us. He's like, "When are you coming over!?" we're like, how about in 2 hours? He agreed and we had a lesson mostly on the Book of Mormon. 

We also ran into some really cool people on the street! One woman stopped us because she recognized our name tag! She's interested in family history! Another day we ran into 2 guys waiting for the bus. One isn't too interested, but he's really nice. The other one might be a member, but he doesn't know where his records are! So we're going to meet him this week :) 

Transfers are tomorrow and Sis. Smith is going to Pasadena to finish someone's training. Sis. Mecham is coming here and she just got out of training. So I'm her Dad! It's great being a Dad ;) Sis. Smith and I think my new name should be Mac Daddy. 

I have a testimony of hard work. I know that hard work truly brings blessings. It doesn't only apply to missions, but everyday life. The Lord cares about all the things we do. When we do our part, the Lord magnifies our works. 

Love y'all! 
Sister Sorensen 
1. My shoe tan ;) 
2. My new shirt from Mexico! 
3. Zone picture!
4. PI day at BLAZE! 
5. Sis. Smith and I messing around. 
6. Danise <3 she's s'cutie!!! 
7. One of the pictures from the baptism! 

1. Sis. Smith and I a community meal
3. Hertzler's! 
4. Lamb's! 
5. Tina's Baptism! 
6-7. Pretty flowers! Claremont is beautiful! 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Smartphones and Swap Meets

Hey y'all!

Its been a kinda slow week. Plenty of rain and lots of appointments falling through. But, it's a new week and things are looking up! 

Tina is going to baptized on Saturday! Sis. Smith LOVES St. Patrick's Dat, so she's pretty excited about that. Tina is so ready! I'm so excited for her! 

We were able to run into 2 investigators on the street that we haven't seen in a long time! It was a great miracle! 

Another miracle was being able to find Carol. We're trying to clean up our records and we felt prompted to stop by her. She's been praying for us to stop by! It was awesome. I love her already! 

We had zone conference on Tuesday and we have smartphones now! It's been an adjustment, but it's really cool! We also had some really good instruction about being better missionaries. 

We went to an indoor swap meet in Pomona today. It's so strange, but it's so cool! I got a homemade shirt from Mexico there! There's so many things from Mexico in there! It's cool. 

I have a testimony of prayer. I know God is listening to us and willing to pour out blessings! We just have to talk to Him. I'm grateful that He listens to me and cares about me. 

Love y'all! 
Sister Sorensen 

1-3. All the selfies on our new phone.
4. Shirt I got a the swap meet! 
5. I got a Tongan dress from one of my trainers awhile ago and I just tried it on! 
6. It's been super rainy here, but we're livin'!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hey y'all!

This week has been so crazy that I can't even begin to describe! Missions are just so much fun! :) 

Tina is doing awesome! Ah I just love her so much! <3 we hope to see her more this week. 

Jeff and his family are great! They always have such great questions. I love them! 

Steve is doing pretty well. We hope to meet with him more often and get him to church! Everyone needs the spirit of church in their life! 

Danise, a recent covert, is about to hit her year mark! She's so cute! 

We also got to meet with this 80 year old member named Goldie. She's so cute! <3 she's been doing a little missionary work herself and now we're teaching her friend, Tim! He enjoys hearing us read from the Book of Mormon. 

We met this cool guy named Erik this week. We had a return appointment on Saturday and he wasn't there. Turns out he got called into work and he apologized! That doesn't happen too often! Praying he will meet with us and not get called into work!

We've had a ton of rain recently. Luckily the sun is out now! We've been freezing! 

Coolest miracle: it was POURING rain on Friday and we were walking to an appointment. As we're walking, this woman flags us down and told us her car ran out of gas right outside of the gas station. We helped her get some gas and such. She ended up putting some gas in a water bottle, just enough to get her into the station. After the whole ordeal, she thanked us and tried to pay us. We declined and explained our purpose as missionaries. It was really cool being able to help her!

I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon! It's been a great source of comfort, especially with all the craziness going on. I was reading in Alma 26 yesterday and these verses really stuck out to me:
"26 But behold, my beloved brethren, we came into the wilderness not with the intent to destroy our brethren, but with the intent that perhaps we might save some few of their souls.

 27 Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go amongst thy brethren, the Lamanites, and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success."

Although missions can be hard sometimes, it's been amazing! I love helping people come closer to Christ. I know that it's not really me, but the spirit working! I'm so grateful the Lord has comforted me during MY afflictions and comforts the people we teach with their afflictions. 

I love and miss y'all! I hit 14 months yesterday! It was also a year ago that Micheal from Monrovia was baptized! I miss his sweet spirit! 

Sister Sorensen

1-2: Sis. Smith and I had to be Skyped into District Meeting, so we had to take selfies! 
3: me! Trying to get a better FB profile picture.
4: Coco is a 2 year old that is so crazy cute! She wore a unicorn helmet backwards! 
5: Sis. Smith and I after we walked in the rain. 
6: a cute snail cause why not! 
7-8: Nora and Lila being all cute!

Monday, February 26, 2018


Hey y'all!

You'll be happy to hear that the 40 DAY SUGAR FAST IS OV-ER!!! WE DID IT! It was really hard sometimes, but it taught me a lot. It makes me realize in a very small way what it feels like when we ask our friends to give up tea and coffee and alcohol and drugs and cigarettes. It's hard work, but you just feel better! However, both Sis. Smith and I have had our share of Dr. Pepper and chocolate!

It has been a super weird week. I've been sick and such, so that made things a little complicated. We still found new people to teach! 

TINA PICKED HER OWN BAPTISM DATE AND SHE PICKED MARCH 16TH! Yay! We're so dang excited about that! She's so cute! 

We met with Jeff and his family on Wednesday. It was super cool! We read 2 Nephi 2, which talks A LOT about where we come from and why we are here. They enjoyed it! We're meeting with them tonight!

Miracle: we felt like we needed to stop by this new investigator who went MIA. As soon as we knocked on the door, he told us he was about to do some not so great stuff. He said we were definitely sent by God and he needs to listen to us! We took advantage of the opportunity! We hope to see Steve soon! 

Another miracle: we felt like going out for lunch (which we don't do often) and we were able to run into this woman who was really struggling. We read the Book of Mormon with her and it was awesome! 

This week is going to be awesome! We were able to pick up another family and they are so cute! Praying they will keep listening! 

I've been thinking about how much we are blessed and how much Heavenly Father is watching over us. Sis. Smith and I listened to a talk by Elder Jeffrey R Holland called "The Ministry of Angels." Y'all should listen to it sometime! Then, the next day I was reading in Alma 19:23

23 Now we see that Ammon could not be slain, for the Lord had said unto Mosiah, his father: I will spare him, and it shall be unto him according to thy faith—therefore, Mosiah trusted him unto the Lord.

I'm SO grateful for y'alls prayers! I'm so grateful for literal angels around us that look out for us. 

Love y'all! Have an amazing week! 

Sister Sorensen 

1-3: Sis. Smith and I got Mexican ice cream. Highly recommend lime flavor! 
4-6: WE SURVIVED THE SUGAR FAST! Then we ate 3 pieces of chocolate and low key had a sugar high. 

Monday, February 19, 2018

One Foot in the Grave

Hey y'all!

Its been a great week! I love being in Claremont! We cover part of Pomona and I think that's one of my favorite places to go! 

WE HAD A FAMILY OF 3 COME TO CHURCH FOR THE FIRST TIME AND STAY ALL 3 HOURS OF CHURCH! It's the Wirtes family and they have a cute little 8 year old who shares a birthday with my younger sister Lydia! 

Tina is SO CLOSE TO BAPTISM! All she needs to do is pick a date! She's the SWEETEST, CUTEST, MOST ADORABLE woman ever! I love her!

Lamont is pretty good. We haven't met with him as much as we wanted, but it'll get better!

We got a referral from some missionaries in Covina and we went by them. It's a family from India! They're so cute! We have an appointment with them tomorrow and I'm SO EXCITED! They seem super cool! 

We went to a woman's meeting on Saturday and it was so fun! It was about how we are virtuous women and that when we do our best, the Savior is proud of us. Look up "His Grace is Sufficient" by Brad Wilcox on lds.org under BYU speeches. IT'S AMAZING!

Sister Smith and I are having too much fun together, so that's been awesome! For only being together for a short time, we're pretty unified! 

Funny story, we changed companions for the day with some leaders. At the end, the sister reminded me that I have a little less than 4 more months on my mission! When someone goes home, they say the missionary is dying. So she told me I have one foot in the grave!  I was like NOOO! I'M NOT READY! I love the people here way too much to think about leaving! 

I know that His grace really is sufficient after all we can do. As long as we continue to grow and change for the better, we will LEARN heaven, not EARN it. The Savior's arms are always open to us, weather it's sin or we just need comfort. 

Thanks y'all for the prayers, especially about my health. It's been hard some days, but I know I'm learning something from it! Have a great week!

Sister Sorensen
1. Found a pretty flower while trying to find MIA investigators
2. Sis. Smith and I!
3. Me and Danise's (a recent convert who moved here from Texas) granddaughters puppy. She's a little ugly (Danise said it... Not me ;)) but she's pretty cute too! 
4. Sis. Smith braided my hair and it looked super cute! 
5. Sis. Smith and Ziggy! That's the puppy's name.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Hey y'all!

I made it to Claremont and this place is awesome! We're teaching so many cool peeps! I've been sent to the best areas in the mission! 

Lamont was a mormon.org referral and he's so cool! He has a desire to be baptized! We're meeting with him tonight! 

Tina is such a cutie! She is SO CLOSE TO BAPTISM! She's so ready! She loves the Book of Mormon so much and really enjoys church! We just got help her see how ready she is! She definitely has the desire! 

We picked up a new investigator named Hugo and he's super cool too! We also picked up Esther! She's older and doesn't see too well, but she's adorable! I love her! 

Spiritual story: we were walking to Esther's and we ran into an investigator named Dee. We haven't been able to get a hold of her, so it was a miracle that we found her. She was super upset about some stuff going on. We were able to teach her right there on the street. She's so sweet!

We're also working with a few returning members and new converts (meaning they were just baptized less than a year ago). Danise just moved here from San Antonio Texas and she was baptized last April! She's adorable! She gave her first talk yesterday! We also got to see Sis. Pless who is coming back to church strong! She will give you the best Pep talk of your life! 

Fun story: I had elote for the first time on Saturday! It's Mexican corn with butter, mayo, parmesan cheese, and chili. It's pretty good! Super messy. They sell them on little carts on the street.

In personal study today, I read in John 13. It's a super fitting chapter for Valentines Day in a couple days. In this chapter, Jesus washes the feet of his disciples. He also talked to them about how to treat others.
    34 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.
    35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

As I've been on my mission, I have never loved so much! I feel sad when I have to leave people in my old areas, but I get to feel my heart grow in love for even more people!

I sure do miss y'all! Have a great week! 

Sister Sorensen

1.Sister Smith and I eating elota!
2. This member really loves the missionaries and languages! He made this for me and it says "Dear Sister Sorensen, Welcome into our lives." So cute! 

Monday, February 5, 2018

Just Call Me Dad

Hey y'all!

So transfers are on Wednesday and both my companion and I getting transferred AGAIN! It's sad to leave people, but I'm excited to meet new people! I'm going to Claremont with Sister Smith! I'm her Dad, which means I'm her 2nd companion in the mission field! I've been a Dad 4 times! It doesn't mean much, but I think it's funny!

I'm really going to miss this ward! I've been crying for the last 2 days! So many women that I got close to gave me a squeeze. One young man was like, "Dang it! I wanted to give y'all a hug! Handshakes are dumb! Come back and visit so I can hug you!" I'M GOING TO MISS THIS WARD! 

This week was pretty awesome! Elyse is on date for the 24th! I'm so dang excited!

Jose is still super awesome!

Julia fasted yesterday! She's so awesome! She's pretty sad about us both leaving, but we promised we'd keep in touch. 

We found a few new investigators and a couple of potentials. I hope they can feel the Spirit and take the lessons soon! 

I love being a missionary because I get to love so many people! It's super hard being a missionary some days, but I know that I'm going to be around people I love more than I ever thought possible. Although I'm SO SAD I HAVE TO LEAVE ALL THESE PEOPLE I LOVE, I'm SO EXCITED to love more people! 

Love and miss y'all! 

Sister Sorensen

No pictures this week, so enjoy a selfie of me and Sis. Wayman :)