Monday, August 7, 2017

Church Tours and Hospitals

Hey y'all! 

Its been another crazy week for sure! 

Mike and Debbie were able to have a little church tour, which was so awesome! They feel more comfortable coming now, which is such a blessing! 

We had to drop Elaine :( when they don't fully feel the spirit, it's hard to teach. 

Vency is doing well. We've kept pretty good contact, but she wasn't able to meet as much as we wanted. 

Dennis is another investigator/part member family. He can't get baptized until his girlfriend/person he's kinda engaged to gets a divorce. All of that is going well and they're progressing in the gospel and with all the other logistics. 

We did some fun stuff this week for members. During weekly planning (Friday we sit down for 3 hours and plan our lessons for the upcoming week and some other things), we baked some goodies for members of the ward. We heart attacked the Olivia's and left some baked goods. We also delivered some goods to Darlene because she came to a lesson with us. It was a lot of fun! 

So, the hospital. Thursday night after I was done praying, I wanted to put my hair up cause it's pretty hot. Well, I'm on the top bunk and the lights were out. I miss judged how close the ceiling was and smacked my head pretty hard. I'm pretty sure I blacked out, but only for a second. After almost 30ish seconds I was able to respond to my companion. Somehow I also made my jaw go out of place. But we just went back to bed. By Saturday night, my head was still hurting, so I decided to text the mission presidents wife and tell her what happened. Right as we're falling asleep the mission nurse calls me and says I need to go to the emergency room ASAP. Now, missionaries are supposed to be in bed and asleep by 10:30. It was so weird being out past 11. Long story short, I'm okay. No concussion. Worst case, it was a super minor one. But it was an interesting adventure. 

I love this gospel. I love watching it work within people and help them change their lives. It changes my life. I'm so grateful to have amazing parents who taught me about the Savior. I'm so grateful for all the youth leaders who have helped me learn and grow. 

Love y'all! Keep being awesome! 
Sister Sorensen 

Some pics before we went heart attacking! 
Deer going up the mountain! 
My hospital bracelet! 

OK, story time! So 21 years ago, almost to the DAY, I went to the ER for head trauma. Kenzie remembered this picture and made the same pose. SOOOooooo.... who wore the hospital bracelet better???

I was voicing my concern for all her injuries after only 7 months and she replied this to me, 

"Lol I'm sorry my injuries made you frustrated. Not going to lie, I'm pretty frustrated with how many injuries I've had. But I'm always reminded of this talk by Elder Holland to mission presidents. 

Missions are not easy because salvation was NEVER easy! It wasn't easy for Him, it's not easy for Investigators, so little wonder why missionaries have it hard. We are representatives of Jesus Christ and we stand shoulder to shoulder with Him. So that means we must go through trials! I don't know why I have been in so much freaking pain for the past 7 months, but I KNOW my loving Heavenly Father knows me and understands me. Jesus is weeping alongside you and I! He knows more than anyone. Alma 7:11-13 is an amazing reminder. 

LOL I'm so glad you caught on to my hospital bracelet picture! I meant to mention that. The next day I was like, "I have to recreate this picture!" like mother like daughter. Except, yours was worse."

I don't know if mine was worse or note, but I can chuckle a little bit.

I'm praying that she'll have NO MORE INJURIES!!!!! Say a prayer too!

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