Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"God Keeps Ya Busy!"

Hey y'all! Sorry this is a day late. I forgot to mention that zone conference was yesterday, so our P-day got pushed back.

This week has been good. It's a struggle getting people to church, but we're working on it! We've had a lot of set appointments. The work is great here! 

Vency...where do I begin. She's really impressed with us and our dedication to our missions. She always says the Lord keeps ya busy so the devil won't get ya! She has a point! We read the Book of Mormon with her and she enjoyed it! She got more out of it than normal. 

Mike and Debbie are doing well! We did more service for them. They have a pool that's empty, so we decided to take pictures it in! As missionaries, we're not allowed to swim. So we thought it was pretty awesome that we got to go in a pool ;) their lesson was pretty good. Everyone is taught in a different way and needs different things. 

Elaine is doing well. Hopefully she'll be able to be baptized some day! 

Lilia is doing well too. We need to really dive into the lessons with her. 

SHOUT OUT TO THE OLIVA FAMILY! They're so stinking sweet! We went over to their house for dinner on Thursday and we were talking about how Sis. Bullock and I are trying to eat healthier (cause the pounds come on a mission!) and that we love fruit. Sis. Oliva works near a farmers market thing and offered to get us some fruit. After some protesting, we decided to let her do it. We requested only a couple of items. 

Saturday afternoon we get a call from her and she said to come over and pick up our food. THIS FAMILY BOUGHT US A WEEK OR MORE WORTH OF FOOD! Y'all! That was such a blessing! Members arent required to do that by any means. Seriously, that made our whole week. We were in tears. Blessings are there! 

I love this gospel and I know that the Lord has a plan for us. Getting to know our new mission president has truly showed me that God knows the people He is calling. President Wells and his wife are perfect for the California Arcadia mission! Zone conference was amazing and has a great focus on how missionaries use the Holy Ghost. 

Love y'all! Thanks for the emails and support! Keep studying the scriptures and praying! 

Sister Sorensen 

(We did a district activity at Forest Lawn. It has amazing Christian paintings and stain glass windows. SO COOL!) 
The empty pool! 

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