Monday, July 31, 2017

Week of Firsts

Hey y'all! 
This week has been totally crazy! I love it! It makes life interesting. 

We've picked up a few former investigators. Vency is an older woman who loves Jesus and reads about different religions. She's a sassy southern woman, so I feel right at home! Every time we leave, she says, "be careful. The devil is out playin' tonight!" so cute. 

Elaine is so sweet! We're not exactly sure where to go with her, but she's interested in baptism! 

We have to drop Johnny 😭 He's been avoiding us, but we know we were supposed to meet him! Kenneth is another man who lives in his complex thing. He's always asking us questions and said he's been reading the Book of Mormon! 

Jason is another former who's had all the lessons! He's super cool and he has the cutest baby! Missionaries aren't allowed to hold children and that's a very hard rule! 

Mike and Debbie are Formers too and we are cleaning their yard. In California, fires are a huge issue, so any dead stuff has gotta go! They expressed interest in us teaching them, so we'll see how that goes! 

We've been teaching recent converts Gabriel and Dillon. They're both 8 years old. They grew up together, so they're basically brothers. Dillon's sister, Nikki, is 5 and reminds me so much of my youngest sister Emily! We're also teaching Gabriel's dad, Andrew who's coming back to church. 

So, my week of firsts list:
-Met a man who actually believes the world is flat....he said the Bible says so. He also called us "damned souls and Christ rejects us" because we're Mormon and we believe in faith and works. He said our service as missionaries is an abomination to God. Now I understand why we need our own testimonies! He's still a Child of God, so I listened. However, I can't deny my spiritual experiences. Just, bless his heart ;) 
-2 people from the same house answered the door NAKED! Y'ALL! I thought that was a joke! It actually happens on the mission! 
-Coco's is a well known restaurant here and I had their pie for the first time. So good! 
-Saw a Tofu BBQ place... No. 
-Sis. Bullock and I saw the laziest person. They got in their car, backed up to the mail box, got the mail, and pulled back in. We laughed so hard. 
-Contacted an Armenian. Anyone who knows the culture knows its kinda hard to do.
-I'm now a proud owner of a homemade Quillow. It's a quilt and a pillow all in one. Sister Truter made it for me! 

Update on my ankle, we went to the doctor today and I'm doing SO MUCH BETTER! #BLESSED! Took long enough, but I'm so happy to finally be able to walk like a normal human! 

I know that Jesus Christ is real and so is His atonement for us! I know that as we add Him into our lives, we can become more. We can become better people. We are not expected to go through hard times alone. Christ truly is a gift to the world. 

Love y'all! And hope you have a great week! 
Sister Sorensen 
1. The traditional doctors picture
2. My cute little quillow! I love it so much! 

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