Friday, July 7, 2017

Miracles, Mission President, and Mounds of clothes

Hey y'all! 
Its been a strange yet awesome week for sure! 

We have seen miracles this week! Pam and Steph had an awesome lesson and they learned a lot! We baked a cake and tied it into the Plan of Salvation. Like, the cake mix is our spirits in the spirit world, the bowl is earth. The eggs, oil, and water represented the gospel of Jesus Christ. The oven is physical death. Frosting is the Kingdoms of Glory. They gave wonderful answers and we were able to give it to their aunt. It was her birthday that day! They even came to church yesterday! 

Another miracle is that Alicia's son, Erik, came to church and stayed all 3 hours! He's not a fan of how long it is, which I don't blame him. Hopefully we can start teaching him soon! 

Miracle number 3 is John Napotnik's wife had their baby! We won't be able to see them for a little bit, but we're so excited for them! 

Miracle 4- We thought Jim had passed away this Thursday! We knocked and knocked on the door and we didn't hear anything. We decided to go to a recent converts house and come back. When we got there, he told us he was taking a nap! 

Miracle 5- a woman who we did service for a little bit ago asked us to come over so she could thank us again. She's had a lot of trails and she was able to talk with us about Jesus Christ. We prayed with her and she asked us to come back! I know that when we are "in the service of [our] fellow beings, [we] are in the service of [our] God." 

Miracle 6- Micheal had us over for dinner and his kids are opening up so much more! 

We get to officially meet the new mission president this Friday! He seems super awesome though! 

The mounds of clothes came from a local boutique called Honey and Lace! It's very similar to Lulu Roe. They brought in bags full of clothing to the thrift store that had something wrong with it (like a tiny hole or the seam had a string hanging off). We got a whole bunch of new cloths with barely anything wrong with it! Most of their stuff is missionary approved because it's owned by a LDS woman! 

Quick funny story, it's been reaallllyyyyyy hot. Like over 100 sometimes. Sis. Briscoe was licking some ice to try and cool off. Well, her tongue got stuck and part of her tongue ripped off.... She's fine now. But it was pretty funny! (she's allowed me to tell this story) 

I know that diligence, faith, and hope bring miracles. I've recently heard the phrase, "Pray like it's all up to Him, work like it's all up to you." I know that to be true, especially this week. 

Love y'all! Sorry this email is longer this week :P
Sister Sorensen 

1. Sis Briscoe and I in matching dresses



4. Sis Briscoe taking a picture of me yesterday in my new dress

5. We <3 Sopas ft. Our new clothes

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